frequently asked questions

Regarding General Concept of Stylework :

1. What is stylework?

Stylework is a network of unconventional workspaces. We believe that there is a need for compatible unconventional spaces where you can meet likeminded people and network on a regular basis. Stylework provides you rent-free coworking cafes and meeting hubs. We want you to let yourself free when you work and raise your working standards and ethics, to take this incredible startup market time to levels ahead

2. If I have to pay a subscription fee, is stylework rent free?

The subscription fee that you pay is redeemable at most of the coworking cafes and meeting hubs for food and beverages. Also if you are a member at stylework, you get perks of various discounts too. Therefore, eventually at last you are redeeming more than what you paid as your subscription.

3. Aren’t cafes/lounges usually very noisy? How will I be able to work or have meetings there?

Don’t worry. We have already thought of it all! Stylework coworking cafes and meeting hubs are either lounges or café/restaurants. These spaces are used for coworking during the daytime or we have a separate standardized workspace for the purpose of coworking. We have ensured that all the places are well lit and suitable for a working atmosphere.

4. What all will I get if I opt for a stylework membership plan?

FLEXIBILTY TO WORK AT STANDARDIZED SPACES To be able to grab the membership perks of working anywhere anytime, at a space of your own choice SECURE AND SPEEDY INTERNET You will get unlimited access to very good high speed internet. UPDATED SPACES Comfortable seating, well lit spaces, power ports and accessibility to all basic amenities. F&B discounts and offers. Healthy food options with redeemable credits and discount offers. PRINTING/COPYING/SCANNING Free use of printer/copier/scanner at all stylework workspaces. SPEACIAL INVITES TO STYLEWORK COMMUNITY EVENTS. We are a community of businessmen,entrepreneurs,freelancers and leaders. Your membership with us includes exclusive invites to events held to connect with like-minded people.

5. What all plans can I chose from?

Free Trial/Free Tour You can register with us and take a free tour for one at any of our coworking space/café and also you can opt for a one-day free trial. DAY PASS You can take a day pass for a duration of 6-8 hours and enjoy hassle free work. MEETING PASS For making your meetings more standardized and to have a good experience with your team mates/cleints you can opt for a meeting pass, FIXED MEMBERSHIP (1 Space Access) Get a fixed membership for a duration of 7/14/30/90 days and enjoy your work hours absolutely tension free. MULTILOCATIONAL MEMBERSHIPS (Multiple Space Access) With multilocational membership you chose work desks at various places for a week/month/quarter.

6. What all category of spaces does Stylework have?

Coworking Cafes (completely Redeemable over F&B, Good for long day work) Meeting Hubs (completely Redeemable over F&B, Good for short day work and out of the office meetings) Coworking Spaces (Best for systemized work)

7. Do I get a free day trial?

Yes of course! You can register at our app and avail the free trial.

8. Do I have to give any deposits?

No. there is no need for any deposits. All our membership plans are very flexible that’ll provide you stability.

9. Till when are the workspaces open? What are the working hours?

Monday through Sunday almost all of the spaces are open from 9am-10pm.Space open timings are mentioned on the explore section of app where all spaces are listed.

10. Where will I find particular time slots for booking?

There are 2 timings mentioned inside space description page in app, one suitable for co-working and one suitable for meetings, mentioned for your understanding, comfort and convenience. Particular time slots are open to book as per your selection of the option “For Coworking” or “For Meeting” on date/time select page.

11. Can I know more about the stylework F&B discounts?

All our schemes are planned in a way that they do not make a hole in your pocket. Details about different discounts are available on the app at space description page.

12. How big are the stylework spaces that I get to choose from?

Generally, all our spaces can easily accommodate up to 30 people. Any which ways sizes of each location vary.

13. Can I have guests visiting me too?

Yes, sure. All you need to remember is to register them through the Stylework app. More detailed features and guest policy will be coming soon.

14. Can you tell me about all the payment options?

You have a lot of options available to pay for the membership, pass purchase, f&b bill payment. You can pay through Indian credit/debit cards, net banking or wallets. For international cards or accounts contact us at +91-9571127395 or engage@stylework.in for more details.

Free Trials & Free Tours :

1. What is a free trial?

Free trial gives you a golden chance to get a firsthand experience working in a coworking café or meeting hub for one day’s duration at any of locations mentioned in the app.

2. What all do I get in my free trial for a day?

In your free trial you get free Wi-Fi, stationery all other basic requirements needed for comfortable working. You can also get amazing discounts and offers if F&B bill is paid through wallet.

3. What is the procedure of registering for the free trial?

It’s a very simple one! Just visit the Stylework app, register with us, open any of your preferred space description page, go to passes and book your free trial visit.

4. Is free trial available more than once?

Sorry, you can claim your free trial for once only. However, our membership plans and offers are definitely the right fit for your pocket. So hurry up and grab the amazing offers.

5. Are my credit card details necessary to get a free trial?

We just need your contact details like your phone number and email id for your registration. No credit card details are required.

6. What is free tour in coworking spaces?

Free tour in coworking spaces is for visiting the space for checking amenities, ambience, environment, people and to be able to work in peace for some time there. Free tour is available for all coworking spaces individually, which is limited to one free tour for any one coworking space. i.e. You can take free tour for all coworking spaces.

Redeeamble Credits :

1. What are redeemable credits? How do they function differently in different membership types and different space category types?

For Multilocational memberships, Redeemable credits are those credits which you can use for your visits to coworking cafes/meeting hubs and coworking spaces as your fixed price per visit. Credits used for coworking cafes and meeting hubs visits can be fully reused for F&B Bill redemption. Rest F&B Bill amount can be paid via wallet or at café directly.
For Fixed memberships, you don’t need to pay for your minimum price per visit, nor you have a limit on paying for F&B Bills from your membership redeemable credits. You can pay as much F&B Bill amount from your available redeemable credits at any of your coworking café and meeting hub fixed membership. We add a certain number of these redeemable credits to your account once you purchase a Stylework membership.

2. How to use the redeemable credits that I have?

In Multilocational membership, you can use credits to book your visits through ongoing membership tab or direct membership visit tab in passes section of space description page in app. (Please make sure you make a minimum order of F&B in coworking cafes/meeting hubs depending on redeemable f&b credits available for different passes or price per visit of multilocational memberships.) In Fixed Memberships, you can use your redeemable credits at the time you checkout to pay for your full F&B Bill.

3. How do I pay for my visits to stylework spaces?

Each time you visit any of the stylework space, 180/200/220/240 stylework credits will be automatically deducted from your multilocational membership on a per visit basis (price per visit varies for quarterly/monthly/biweekly/weekly memberships).

4. What will happen once I have exhausted my redeemable credits?

If you finish up all your redeemable credits you can easily add money in your wallet in the stylework app and pay for your F&B Bills from there.

5. Can my old credits be converted into cash or can I buy a new stylework subscription?

We’re sorry. Your credits cannot be converted into cash or used to buy new subscriptions.

6. Is it possible to use cash/card to pay for the food expenses at the stylework expenses?

Being a stylework user you get perks like discounts, cashbacks and free beverages on every visits. These offers are only valid if you are paying through stylework membership redeemable credits or by adding in wallet through net banking/card/other wallets. So it is possible by choosing pay at space option in checkout app screen, but will not recommend you to use cash/card.

Membership Plans :

1. For how long is my membership valid?

Stylework subscriptions have particular expiry dates mentioned at the time of purchase. But Stylework has membership extension policy only in multilocational membership. Expiry will keep extending till the time you finish up your credits or visits. There is no expiry extension in fixed memberships.

2. Can one membership be used by multiple users?

Not Technically as of now, as one membership purchased will be allotted to one unique number only but that membership can be used by multiple members of team by checking-in through fixed or multilocational membership id (limited to one check-in only at one particular time). If you need more detailed customized team based membership plans you can reach out to us on engage@stylework.in or +91-9571127395.

3. Does my stylework memberships lets me visit all coworking spaces, coworking cafes and meeting hubs?

Yes. With a single subscription you can visit all coworking cafés, meeting hubs and coworking spaces but only if you have purchased the multilocational membership having all category access. We also have one more multilocational membership having access to all coworking cafes and meeting hubs only.

4. Can the subscription plans be available for longer durations also?

Why not! For customized and long duration plans detailed information, you can contact us through call at +91-9571127395 or send us an email at engage@stylework.in .

5. Do you need any security deposits from my side?

No! we do not require any deposits. Our plans are flexible enough to provide you whatever kind of space you need for your work.

6. Are you currently running any referral program?

No! But we will be launching soon. We will update you through the app notification.

7. How can I cancel, upgrade or degrade my membership?

If you want to cancel, upgrade or degrade your membership with us, you can drop an email at engage@stylework.in

8. Are the membership plans only for a short term or a longer period too?

Yes, definitely! Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly/Quarterly Plans are generally available in app. Call us at +91-9571127395 or write to us at engage@stylework.in for more information regarding longer period plans. You can also visit our website to know about memberships in detail.

9. How will I buy the membership plan?

It is very easy to buy our membership plan. Download the Stylework-Unconventional workspaces app (android) and tap on Membership section on homepage and you will be able to find fixed and multilocational memberships and proceed to buy through our secured payment gateway.

10. At what time will my membership begin?

Multilocational membership starts from the date of purchase and is auto-extendable post expiry and the fixed membership starts from the date you put in membership start date field while exploring fixed membership in app before purchasing.

Visit modes, check in and checkouts :

1. What are the visit modes that I can chose from when I have to check in?

In case of passes, we have only reservation mode and but for membership visits you can choose between walk-in or reservation mode according to your need.

2. Can I directly check in at any space that I have booked?

All you need to do is tell your pass/visit booking ID or your membership ID when you check in at any of our space. Just tell the mode to the café host. Also you can make notes on your checked screen and edit or delete them and they will be retained when next time your checked in screen opens.

3. How do I check out?

Checking out is as simple as checking in is! You can either ask the space host to check you out or you can request it through request to checkout button on your checked in screen in app.

4. Will I get my invoice details when I check out?

In a Coworking cafe/meeting hub the cafe host will enter your f&b invoice details and that will appear on your checked in screen so that you can cross-check and proceed to pay the pending amount either from your wallet or cash/card.

5. Is reviewing the space compulsory?

Yes, we recommend you to please review the space. Likewise, the space host reviews you too.

6. What happens if I am not able to check out properly?

If you do not checkout properly, you won't be able to book/ check in another visit before you have cleared off the previous checkout.